Metabolic Disease| Creating a Healthy Body and Positive Body Image

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Most chronic non-infectious diseases have a common inflammatory basis to them. This includes many metabolic diseases. I can work with you to improve your cardio-metabolic health. Improve health habits and work with you to improve your image of your self.

Metabolic disorders include conditions such as:

Metabolic disease is often associated with shorter life expectancy and more importantly, they reduce our joy and quality of life.

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Cardio-metabolic conditions are known by the World Health Organisation as non-communicable diseases and are associated with the many lifestyle factors which are modifiable and thus with the right approach symptoms can be reduced and in many cases they are reversible.

Improving your cardio-metabolic health and other metabolic disease can reduce or eliminate the need for medication to manage these conditions.

I can offer you personalised evidence-based lifestyle interventions @Ōtepoti Integrative Health to support you in reclaiming your health and living your best life.

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